Humph pentagon album

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Humph pentagon album

The track was co-produced by Girlboy and leader Huiwho has taken the upper hand in producing the majority of their songs. Check it out below! The song is upbeat and catchy, making it perfectly suited for the summer. Similarly, the MV is also fun and cute. The members act as schoolboys as they fight with giant pencils and fall asleep on desks. In the next scene, they pose as models and photographers. Their choreography is seemingly performed on a university field.

Even the choreography features cute actions. Let us know in the comments below. This comes off the simultaneous release of Consequently, they also dropped their 4th The music Check it out down below! Lindsay August 3, Thanks for rating this! Now tell the world how you feel - Share this on Twitter and on Facebook.

humph pentagon album

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Pentagon discography

Lindsay July 17, Read More. Derek Fong July 17, Lindsay July 10, America July 10, Derek Fong July 5, Karen Yu July 5, Derek Fong July 2, Derek Fong July 1, Lindsay June 30, Scroll for more.Sum me:r is the ninth extended play by South Korean boy group Pentagon.

The song was released through several music portals, including MelOniTunesand Spotify. This album uses Sum me:rwhich is a new meaning, by putting 'ME', which is a Pentagon in the Sum function, and 4 different 'R' romance, rock n' roll, relax, and role.

In other words, the themes pointed by the Pentagon and 'R' were combined to complete the track list of various charms. Title track "Humph!

pentagon humph

Fantasytic is a dance song that can feel the strong coolness that blows away the heat wave. Easy lyrics and addictive chorus allow listeners to feel the freedom of summer by getting out of the frustrating city. The third track, 'Summer! The final track, 'Round 2 Bonus Track ', is a bonus track for fans of the previous album 'Round 1', featuring lightweight trap bits and bright chord progression.

This time, all the members of the Pentagon also wrote songs and compositions, creating a disc containing the pentatonic humorous code. The members add to the fun of the song by expressing each other cutely or ridiculously. Pentagon made their comeback stage starting July 17, through the music program The ShowShow ChampionM CountdownMusic Bankand continued promoting the single on Inkigayo.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cube Entertainment Kakao M. Hui Giriboy Wooseok.

humph pentagon album

Jinho Wooseok. CD digital download streaming.

[Full Album] PENTAGON – DEMO_02 (Mini Album)

XSportsNews in Korean. SpoTvNews in Korean. July 17, Billboard in Korean. Oh My News in Korean. Digital Times in Korean. Yna in Korean. WAV official twitter in Korean. Retrieved July 24, Gaon Chart in Korean. Retrieved July 25, July 26, December 24, Universe: The Black Hall. Genie:us Sum me:r. Gorilla The discography of South Korean boy band Pentagon consists of one studio albumtwelve extended plays and sixteen singles. All songs are part of Pentagon's project and credits are adapted from the Korea Music Copyright Association 's database, unless otherwise noted.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pentagon discography Studio albums 1 Music videos 20 EPs 12 Singles 18 Soundtrack albums 4 The discography of South Korean boy band Pentagon consists of one studio albumtwelve extended plays and sixteen singles. Track listing. Shine Japanese ver. Off-Road Japanese ver. Shine Korean ver. Gaon Music Chart in Korean.

Retrieved April 2, Retrieved February 20, Retrieved February 26, Billboard Japan. Retrieved March 12, Retrieved February 19, October 16—22, December 11—17, June 11—17, September 3—9, December 3—9, May 13—19, September 9—15, March 24—30, July 14—20, April 10, January 29, September 10, September 24, July 29, Retrieved February 4, Retrieved December 15, Retrieved January 14, The group releases teasers for a summertime single.

Fun summery songs have been almost nonexistent this year.

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The title track is revealed to have been produced by hip-hop artist Giriboy. The last thing we need is artists from those worlds producing material for idol groups. K-pop has always been an oasis of musical invention and earnestness. A song like Humph! Cloying, skittery percussion forges together with lackadaisical keys meant to give the song character. Instead, the verses amount to nothing. The refrain gives us glimpses of the off-kilter appeal that made a song like Shine so enjoyable, but it feels like a dispirited, rehashed version.

Without any sense of climax or momentum, Humph stays mired in its low-energy, sing-song mush. This has been an unfortunate hallmark for most boy group releases over the past month, and has led to the most underwhelming stretch of K-pop I can ever remember. First of all, dammit, my best earbuds just broke. Not really related to this song, other than in time.

The song sounds like Shine II.

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Shine, the unreleased demo. Shine, the extra verses. Shine, the low down version. At least the spare arrangement shows the boys can generally sing, not hidden by production tricks. The harmonies also sound sung, which is a plus for me. There are handful of exceptions of course. Since this came up on this blog or I brought it up myselfI have been streaming a lot of OMD, who were the kings of layering using just 5 or 6 instrumental tracks total, and every one had a purpose.

But I would play along trying to tweak the waveform to attempt to replicate this or that line, and boy would I try. Of course I was, like, Like Like. For sure agree about your arrangements point. There are definitely exceptions, but songs like this rarely utilize their space completely effectively. Also that very rarely does any real band have to play it live, it is nearly always a recorded backing track, so when they go plonk plonk plonk on the piano sound, no one has to replicate it ever.

pentagon humph

The drum kit might be split into two lines: hi hat and all else. Three lines define a fantastic song. Trumpet snippet, probably real. And soulful ad lib vocal salted here and there.We Recommend. By using our website, you accept and agree with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Welcome to YesAsia. Collectibles Japanese Korean Chinese. Comics In Japanese In Chinese. Free Shipping. Important information about purchasing this product: This product is accepted for return under certain conditions.

For more details, please refer to our return policy. Sales of Korean music products at YesAsia. See all large images 2. Sign in to rate and write review Write a Review. No Rating Available Tell a Friend.

YesAsia Editorial Description Pentagon embraces summer in their new album! The five-track album carries title track "Humph! Following Round 1 in their previous album, Pentagon proudly presents bonus track Round 2 which is again penned by all nine members. This edition comes with a page bookleta random photo carda random postcard and a random sticker. All rights reserved. This original content has been created by or licensed to YesAsia.

Additional Information may be provided by the manufacturer, supplier, or a third party, and may be in its original language. Pentagon Mini Album - Positive Pentagon. Pentagon Vol. Pentagon is best known for spreading vibrant energy with their funky tunes and witty lyrics. Leader Hui has been one of the trending idol producers of K-pop in recent years; his music credits include Produce Season 2 's NeverWanna One's Energetic and even the latest Produce X finale song "Boyness.

Different from their last rockish future house plug "Sha La La," hip-hop title track "Humph! You're too much, aren't you? Don't come close, you can't come closer! Enjoy some summer rock 'n' roll with "Fantasystic" Track 2! Again produced by Giriboy, "Fantasytic" is a refreshing summer anthem that brings you on a dreamy, fantasy-like getaway. Hui took part in the music composition and co-wrote lyrics with Woo Seok.

As always, I'm amazed by Jin Ho's super high notes, especially when he shouts "It's Yuto" in this song. The relax-themed song perfectly suits having fun under the sun or taking a road trip!Hui and Wooseok pop up a lot in the composer and lyrics credits, and everyone jumped on board when crafting " Round 2.

It spins into a drum machine and has a definite reggae beat initially. The pre-chorus is a smooth one until the song launches into that island beat, and the pipe can be heard again. It's nice and refreshing, neither too loud nor too soft. The tropical beat is strong with this one, and then the first strains of " Fantasystic " start.

It develops into more of a club-banger the longer it goes on, and 2 minutes it becomes a pretty danceable song.

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I'm happy with it. I like how the chorus isn't buried by EDM as is getting more trendy nowadays. I was expecting a straight banger, something akin to party rock. Instead, we get some great harmonies and a very singable chorus. Once the boys stopped squeaking on their previous releases, we got some good songs out of them.

The most playful tune on here has to be " Round 2. If it wasn't a proper tune, I would say it was slapped together at the last minute. It just has that kind of spontaneity that's a joy to hear. And this is an album tailor-made for summer.

It just has that vibe that tells you its summer, with light, poppy, reggae-infused beats that are perfect for a hot day. And the overall sense of fun you get with this EP makes it worth its weight in gold. The MV, of course, is made from the title track, and the boys are all still in school. And also of course, high school hijinks ensue.

Each boys is paired up with another one that they're feuding with. And there's even a line drawn across a table for good measure.

humph pentagon album

Despite the song being written about a guy demanding an apology from his nagging girlfriend, the lyrics are repurposed to boyhood fights. But they do it in such a fun way that you can't help but smile sometimes as they ham it up in pastel-colored sets.

[ALBUM & MV REVIEW] Pentagon – 'SUM(M:ER)'

They wag fingers as they lecture to each other, they break up fights and hold their friends back, they relentlessly compete with each other in a softball game, and then there's the dancing. Now, most boy groups can dance, but you wouldn't know that from watching this MV. Some of the more vigorous moves would be inappropriate for a light tune like this one, so they opt for more repetitive, less stressful moves. It goes right along with it, but I longed for some of the more demanding choreo that I've seen recently.The light will bounce off the card and fill in all the shadows.

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humph pentagon album

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