Pxout msp430

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Pxout msp430

For example, in version 0. Port 3 bit 7. It implies that I have to change registers from Port 1 to registers from Port3, and replace uses of bit 0 with bit 7. If input, selects pull-up or pull-down resistor PxIN: Get the values of the pins. There are three types of coding this: Using fixed registers, using conditional registers, or using conditional port.

For these examples, we will use a led on port 1, bit 0, and toggle it every cycles. Fixed registers: In this code register names are hard-coded, so any change on port or bit, implies to change all usages of those. Conditional registers: In this code, register names are used in preprocessor definitions, one for each register to use and another one for the bit. Note that if we decide to change pin assignment for the LED, we should make these changes in each define directive, but not in the main function.

Conditional port : Here, some preprocessor techniques are used to generate registers names just by passing port number. In this example, just 2 changes are needed for assign different port and pin to the LED.

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Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.This tutorial has to be seen as the most easy code that is possible to do with a MSP LaunchPad and then totally adapted for beginners.

In this turorial we will use the MSPG So, the first thing to know is that to blink a LED, we have to tell a special registry what we would like to do. In our case, we would like to blink the red pin 0 and the green pin 6 LEDs. You can check it directly on your board, at the bottom left, there are our two LEDs with P1.

We have to use port 1 for our LEDs, so it will be the P1 output. As our LEDs are on pin 0 and pin 6 we can say that we will be using the P1. We can see that the first bit on the right is set to 1 because we have to set the pin 0. And then the sixth bit from the right is actually the seventh on the list. At this point, the registry knows that pin 0 and pin 6 will be set at 1 and are expected to send data from the microcontroller to those pins.

It's time to see the code. Well done, you made it. Otto Hunt not verified. Thursday, August 7, - am. Thursday, August 7, - pm. Monday, November 24, - am.

Bitwise ORing enables not to change bits other than the target bit. Monday, November 24, - pm. You're absolutely right. Wednesday, June 3, - pm. Pat not verified. Tuesday, October 27, - am.

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But why do we have 2 Bitwise Or's? Does it do the actual assigning of P1DIR? Wednesday, October 28, - pm.Email Contact Us. Ports 1 and 2 have interrupt capabilities and can have internal pullup resistors.

Please note that there is no Port 0. The pins P2. Writing a 1 will make the corresponding Port bit as output and a Zero would make corresponding Port bit as input. The register PxOUT contains the data that is available to the outside pins. Writing a 1 will make the corresponding Port bit high and a zero would make the corresponding Port bit low.

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The two registers are both bit and byte addressable. Now lets create a small program to light up an LED connected to P1. Before Compiling and downloading the program makes sure that correct settings are selected. Please make sure that the correct microcontroller is selected. Make sure that P1. The LED will light up now when you run the program. After the MSP is Reset ,its watch dog timer starts the count down and resets the controller within a specified time period. Port Interrupts in MSP MSP is designed as an ultra low power microcontroller which stays in sleep for most of its working life to conserve power.

The controller wakes up periodically to react to changes in the external environment and goes back to sleep after it has done its job. Due to the unique nature of its architecture interrupts play an important role in the working of the MSP controller. Almost all the peripherals inside the MSP can generate interrupts and wake up from its slumber. Here we are going to set up the port interrupts of MSP Ports 1 and 2 of MSPG has interrupt capabilities.

The Ports also has built in internal pullup resistors which can be enabled by software. There is also an option to select the edge falling edge or rising edge which will trigger the interrupt.

If you are using launchpad development board you can see that P1. Depending upon the version of Launchpad a pullup resistor R34? Refer the circuit which comes with your board and the Launchpad PCB to confirm the existence of the resistor.

If the resistor is present on the board there is no need to enable the internal pull up resistors.The MSP can be used for low powered embedded devices. It can be throttled back for lower power consumption.

Additionally, the MSP is capable of wake-up times below 1 microsecond, allowing the microcontroller to stay in sleep mode longer, minimizing its average current consumption.

PxOUT Register

There are, however, limitations that preclude its use in more complex embedded systems. Also, although it has a DMA controller, it is very difficult to use it to move data off the chip due to a lack of a DMA output strobe. There are six general generations of MSP processors. In order of development, they are the '3xx generation, the '1xx generation, the '4xx generation, the '2xx generation, the '5xx generation, and the '6xx generation.

The digit after the generation identifies the model generally higher model numbers are larger and more capablethe third digit identifies the amount of memory on board, and the fourth, if present, identifies a minor model variant.

The most common variation is a different on-chip analog-to-digital converter. The 3xx and 1xx generations are limited to a bit address space. In the later generations this was expanded to include 'X' instructions that allow a bit address space. As happened with other processor architectures e. Thus, considering only the CPU draw, such a battery could supply a 0.

MSP430 Launchpad Tutorial 1: Blinking a led.

In reality, battery self-discharge would reduce this number. The significance of the 'RAM retention' vs the 'real-time clock mode' is that in real time clock mode the CPU can go to sleep with a clock running which will wake it up at a specific future time.

In RAM retention mode, some external signal is required to wake it, e. They are generally smaller than the '3xx generation. These flash-based ultra-low power devices offer 1. Later generations provide only flash memory and mask ROM options.

These devices offer 2. Ideal for low power metering and medical applications. This flash-based family features low active power consumption with up to 25 MIPS at 1. Includes an innovative power management module for optimal power consumption and integrated USB. The FRAM Series from Texas Instruments provides unified memory with dynamic partitioning and memory access speeds times faster than flash.P1 to P8. Only pins in Ports P1 and P2 support interrupts. Each port has an associated groups of registers used to manipulate its individual pins.

pxout msp430

The bit mapping and port grouping is as shown below:. Older version Rev1. However, programming is same for all supported devices unless mentioned. The GPIO block has many registers. I will cover Interrupt related registers viz.

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Setting any bit to 0 in this register will configure the corresponding Pin[0 to 7] to be used as an Input while setting it to 1 will configure it as Output. The bit combinations of these registers for a particular pin will select a particular pin function. The bit combination is as given below:.

Make sure you set the proper pin direction, as required by the alternate function, using PxDIR register. This header identifies your device and accordingly includes the device specific header. Each of the device specific headers also include bit definitions viz. Now lets see how we can assign values to registers. If your compiler supports other notations like binary notation use can use that too. Lets say, we want to set PIN 6 of Port 1 as output.

It can be done in following ways:.

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First thing to note here is that preceding Zeros in Hexadecimal Notation can be ignored because they have no meaning since we are working with unsigned values here positive only which are assigned to Registers. For eg. Consider that we want to configure Pin 0 of Port 1 i. This can be done as:.

Making output configured Pin P1. Lets, say we have configured P1. This can be achieved as follows:. Note: Examples Demo Programs given below assume default clock speeds. I have tested below programs using CCS V6. Here we drive pin 0 of port 1 P1. As evident, it generates delay by the amount of clock cycles given as argument.

However, this is not the recommended method for generating delays and must be avoided. I have used it in example below just for the sake of brevity. In this example program we will configure P1. We will use LED2 i. Now lets modify the above example so that when the button is pressed, LED2 will glow and when released or not pressed the LED won't glow.

Electronics - MSP430 - Managing P1DIR and P1OUT registers to blink the red and green LEDs

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pxout msp430

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pxout msp430

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MSP430 GPIO Programming Tutorial

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pxout msp430

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